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Published: April 13, 2023
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Are you looking for a noninvasive solution to reverse signs of facial aging? Or are you just starting to notice wrinkles and drooping skin and want to preserve your youthful appearance? Look no further than EMFACE, the latest anti-aging technology from BTL Aesthetics that’s taking the beauty world by storm.

Here are 10 essential facts you need to know about EMFACE before you book your first session.

1. It Doesn’t Involve Needles, Incisions or Anesthesia

EMFACE treatment is completely noninvasive, meaning no needles or scalpels penetrate your skin. Instead, it uses hands-free applicators placed over your skin on the forehead and cheeks. EMFACE provides you with the ideal solution to rejuvenate your face without the risks and discomfort of surgery and general anesthesia.

2. It Can Address Signs of Aging in Your Forehead, Eyebrows, Cheeks and Jawline

Over time, our facial muscles get smaller (atrophy), elongate and weaken. These muscles are important for youthful facial expressions and maintaining the position of our brows, cheeks and corners of the mouth. Horizontal lines can develop across our foreheads, and vertical furrows may form between our eyebrows. Our eyebrows can descend, leaving us with further etched-in frown lines, heavy upper eyelids and a permanently upset look. Our once high and round cheeks can become flat and sunken, and a strong, defined jawline can become riddled with drooping jowls.

EMFACE is the first and only treatment that simultaneously improves skin and muscle tone without surgery to address wrinkles and sagging facial contours. It can rejuvenate your forehead, eyebrow area, cheeks and jawline to correct these issues and more!

3. Radiofrequency Energy Can Smooth Wrinkles in Your Skin by 37%

With EMFACE, Synchronized radiofrequency (RF) works to smooth your facial wrinkles. The EMFACE device delivers the RF energy deep into your dermis, creating a heating effect that stimulates collagen and elastin production. As a result, your skin’s appearance naturally improves over time, with a demonstrated 37% reduction in wrinkles.

… With a 26% Increase in Collagen

Collagen is an essential protein that makes up a significant portion of the skin. It gives your skin its elasticity and firmness. Unfortunately, collagen naturally decreases as we age. Clinical studies reveal that EMFACE can help boost collagen levels by up to 26%, giving you firmer, tighter skin.

… and a 100% Increase in Elastin

Elastin is another protein found in your skin that contributes to its elasticity. EMFACE can double the elastin levels in your skin, leading to significant improvements in your skin’s resilience, tone and texture.

4. HIFES™ Technology Can Strengthen Your Facial Muscles

Our muscles lose tone and firmness as we age, resulting in less muscle volume to support the overlying skin and connective tissue. This can lead to a hollow, sunken appearance that’s especially noticeable in the cheeks. It can also lead to sagging tissues and deep wrinkles due to skin and muscle displacement.

EMFACE technology goes beyond improving your skin quality to rejuvenate your facial appearance. It uses high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) to increase the density and strength of your facial muscles for more comprehensive improvement. The HIFES technology delivers electromagnetic waves that stimulate your facial muscles with thousands of pulses per second. The energy causes your muscles to contract and tone up like they would from a workout, resulting in improved facial volume and more lifted contours.

… With a 30% Increase in Muscle Tone

In clinical studies, patients showed a 30% increase in resting muscle tone after EMFACE treatment, making it an effective tool for combating the signs of aging related to weakened facial muscles.

5. EMFACE Can Provide a 23% Lift to Your Facial Contours

Increased muscle tone and collagen and elastin production work together to create firmer, smoother skin and more elevated facial features. EMFACE can provide an average of 23% lift to your facial contours for a dramatically more youthful appearance.

6. A Single EMFACE Treatment Takes Just 20 Minutes

EMFACE treatment is fast and efficient, taking just 20 minutes per session. Come in on your lunch break or after work, and you’ll be out and back to your regular activities in no time.

7. Treatment Feels Comparable to a Hot Stone Massage

Once the applicators are on your face, you will be able to relax and enjoy the warming sensation and muscle contractions. Some patients compare the feeling of EMFACE treatment to that of a hot stone massage, making it a pleasant and relaxing experience.

8. No Downtime Is Needed After EMFACE

Experience facelift-like results without any of the downtime you’d need with surgery. EMFACE treatment requires no recovery time, and you can go about your day immediately after your session.

9. Most Patients Get a Series of Four Treatments

To achieve the best results, we typically recommend a series of four EMFACE treatments. You can undergo an EMFACE session every five to 10 days, depending on your goals and the condition of your skin. This means your treatment series could take anywhere from two weeks to one month, so plan accordingly and give yourself adequate time if you’re getting EMFACE to prepare for an event (also take into account how long results take to develop — read more on that in number 10).

At your consultation at Ridenour Plastic Surgery, we can develop a customized EMFACE treatment plan to achieve optimal results at the right time for you.

10. Ideal Results Become Visible Around 90 Days After Your Final Treatment

EMFACE results develop over time, gradually becoming more noticeable over a period of several weeks. Typically, patients begin to see some results after their first treatment, but the effects will continue to improve in the weeks following each session. The most dramatic changes are typically observed around 90 days after your last treatment, when the collagen and elastin in your skin have had enough time to regenerate and strengthen.

Lift, Tone and Smooth Your Face With EMFACE

EMFACE is a game-changing technology that offers a noninvasive solution to signs of aging. After your treatment series, you can look forward to enjoying a more youthful appearance with lifted facial contours and smoother, firmer skin that glows with health and vitality.

Ready to experience the benefits of EMFACE for yourself? Contact Ridenour Plastic Surgery in St. Louis by calling 314-878-8600 to book your appointment today.

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