When asked what sets his practice apart from others, Dr. Brock Ridenour says, “our experience and commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on the quality of our facility, the training of our employees, the emphasis on the patient’s experience, and the quality of our results.”

Dr. Ridenour, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with 25 years experience, established Ridenour Plastic Surgery in 2003 after serving as director of the Facial Plastic Surgery division at Washington University for 12 years. His practice philosophy is simple: he prides himself on his ability to achieve natural and beautiful results through a in-depth understanding of science, beauty and art. “We perform our work to the highest possible standard and run our business with transparent honesty and integrity,” he adds.

Patient First Philosophy

Ridenour’s patient first philosophy has paid dividends. Ridenour Plastic Surgery has consistently been voted one of “the best places to have a cosmetic procedure” by Ladue News readers since 2010 and “the number one best place to have a cosmetic procedure in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016. Dr. Ridenour attributes that success to the experience of his staff and his emphasis on educating his patients. Dr. Ridenour wants his patient’s to be engaged in their treatment plan.

Educating patients about the pros and cons of various types of procedures allows Dr. Ridenour and his staff to provide solutions that will meet the expectations of their patients, drawing upon the best combination of surgical and nonsurgical options. “We stay current with the best practices, innovations and product evolution in the field and apply them after careful consideration of the needs of the patient.” To this end, Ridenour’s office has been chosen as a physician training site for more than half a dozen leading laser and aesthetic corporations.

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