Rhinoplasty is the name given to the operation most commonly referred to as a nose job. Rhinoplasty involves shaping the nose to a more pleasing appearance, while at the same time preserving the structural integrity of the nose and patients ability to breathe.

In the past, rhinoplasty was largely designed to reduce the size of the nose. This means that bone and cartilage were taken out to alter the shape of the nose, making it smaller. Over a long period of time, many of these older rhinoplasty patients developed complications from over-resection of bone and cartilage. They developed the telltale signs of reductive rhinoplasty that we all recognize, such as pinched nostrils and pointed, turned-up tips.

Rhinoplasty Operation

Today’s rhinoplasty operation is much different and much more natural in appearance. Dr. Ridenour believes in the principle of structure rhinoplasty. In structure rhinoplasty, there is minimal excision of bone and cartilage. Instead, the nasal cartilages are contoured with sutures and with additional pieces of cartilage used to create the desired shape. Soft tissue grafts are used more frequently to prevent visible irregularities from occurring from beneath the skin. The result is a nose with improved shape that looks natural but is strong enough to resist change over time.

Dr. Ridenour is a board-certified surgeon with vast experience in primary and secondary (revision) rhinoplasty. He performs both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques depending on the needs of the patient. He is fortunate to have been mentored by some of the great rhinoplasty surgeons of the modern day and he is known for his natural and realistic results.

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