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Hair removal is part of everyone’s routine. Traditional methods include waxing, shaving and plucking, but these can be costly, and ultimately time-consuming. Razors, creams, gels and waxing supplies? That racks up an expensive bill in the long term. Setting aside time throughout the week to remove hair? What a frustrating concept. Thankfully, these traditional methods can become a thing of the past, allowing you to no longer worry about scheduling another waxing appointment or feeling uncomfortable throughout the day if you forget to shave your legs. With advancements in technology, permanent hair removal is possible. From the legs to the arms, face and chest, you can say goodbye to regular hair maintenance for good.

Laser hair removal is a treatment that successfully destroys hair follicles, creating smooth skin no longer plagued by unwanted hair. At Ridenour Plastic Surgery, we use the best laser system to perform laser hair removal: the Diolaze laser, manufactured by InMode, a lead company in medical aesthetic devices. If you’re interested in learning more about laser hair removal benefits, please contact Ridenour Plastic Surgery at (314) 501-7946 or visit our contact page.

What Is Laser Hair Removal With the Diolaze Laser?

At Ridenour Plastic Surgery, we perform laser hair removal with the Diolaze laser, a laser system designed specifically for cosmetic laser surgery and hair removal. The treatment works by introducing concentrated energy to the hair follicles, which becomes absorbed by the follicle’s pigments. This causes damage to the follicles, inhibiting future hair growth. The laser emits intense, energy-filled light pulses that enter the skin to destroy unwanted hair follicles without damaging surrounding tissues, a process known as selective photothermolysis. Laser hair removal with the Diolaze laser is versatile and creates exceptional results.

Laser hair removal is commonly performed in these areas:

  • Underarms
  • Face and neck
  • Legs
  • Upper and lower back
  • Bikini area

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Patients with higher amounts of melanin in their skin are advised against laser hair removal because the laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle and can damage the skin if there isn’t a clear distinction between them. Without the contrast between a lighter complexion and darker hair, laser hair removal can be potentially harmful. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal has dark hair and a lighter skin type, which include skin types I-IV.

Laser hair removal is the perfect treatment if you feel self-conscious about certain hair regions on your body. The treatment is also excellent as a hair removal substitute if you’re tired of maintaining traditional methods, such as waxing and shaving. The treatment can potentially remove your hair for the long-term, boosting your self-confidence and saving you time and money.

Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Your laser hair removal treatment will first require the treatment area to be cleansed and prepped. A topical anesthetic may be applied to ease discomfort. Before emitting the laser, you and your laser hair removal provider will put on protective eyewear to ensure harmful light energy comes into contact with your eyes. Once the treatment area is ready and all safety precautions are met, your provider will make your skin taut and begin applying the laser energy to the unwanted hair follicles. The hair follicles absorb the energy and are gradually destroyed in the process.

Laser hair removal is a generally tolerable treatment. You may experience a warm pricking sensation caused by each laser energy pulse, but this is normal and shouldn’t be worried about. How long the procedure lasts depends on the size of your treatment area. Small areas, including the chin or lips, can take a few minutes, while larger areas, such as the legs, can potentially take one hour.

Your Laser Hair Removal Results

After your treatment, there may be swelling and redness in the treated area. This is temporary and indicative of the follicles responding to treatment. Applying an ice pack or anti-inflammatory cream may be recommended to help mitigate any of these common side effects. The application of a moisturizer and sunscreen is also recommended for a couple of days after treatment.

In some cases, hair follicles shed off right away, but you’ll notice that many remain. It can take three to five weeks until full results are achieved as more hair follicles shed. The results are permanent. However, you should be aware that several laser hair removal sessions will be needed to achieve consistent results. Usually, six to eight treatments are recommended.

Hair undergoes three different phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. The catagen phase is a transitional period where hair follicles gradually fall off, and telogen is defined as a hair follicle dormancy period. During the anagen phase, significant hair growth occurs that lasts for three to four months, making it the ideal phase to perform laser hair removal. Hair follicles all across the body are going through different phases all at once, so it is difficult to remove them all in a single session. At Ridenour Plastic Surgery we will schedule multiple sessions with you that’ll ensure each hair follicle is destroyed while it’s in the anagen phase.

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The constant shaving, plucking, waxing… what a drag. These traditional methods can become a nuisance, especially considering the amount of time and money they consume. Stop worrying about having to regularly maintain your hair by removing it permanently with laser hair removal. Offered at Ridenour Plastic Surgery, residents seeking permanent hair removal in the St. Louis, MO, region are encouraged to schedule a consultation. With expert care and our precise Diolaze laser system, we can successfully treat your hair concerns. Contact us today at (314) 501-7946 or visit our contact page.

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