Published: July 10, 2024
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Within aesthetic medicine, light-based therapy refers to treatments that use light to rejuvenate the skin, improve its tone and texture, or remove imperfections. Originally, laser was the only type of light available for these types of treatments. But later on, non-laser treatments were offered as an alternative.

If you’re interested in improving your skin with the power of light energy, you have many options to choose from. And while having options is great, it can make your search for the best treatment option exhausting. To make things easier for you, here’s a quick rundown on light-based therapy in general and an overview of two of the best (in our opinion) options you can opt for.

Why Choose Light-Based Skin Treatments?

There is now a plethora of noninvasive skin treatments available. Just a couple of examples include chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, fillers and neuromodulators. So, why opt for light-based treatments among all this competition?

Because light-based therapies offer unique benefits that make them irreplaceable in aesthetic medicine:

  • They can treat almost any skin issue and even address multiple issues simultaneously.
  • Their range of application is extensive; almost any area of the body can be treated.
  • They’re noninvasive, leaving the visible layer of skin intact.
  • They selectively target specific skin problems while leaving healthy skin untouched.
  • They’re effective, safe and comfortable.

In other words, light-based therapies are noninvasive, versatile, effective, safe and gentle, making them one of the most popular treatments among providers and patients alike. Not many cosmetic treatments can offer so many benefits at once.

Laser vs. Non-Laser Treatments

You’ve finally decided to choose light-based treatments for your skin concerns. But now you have a new dilemma, and that is whether to opt for the more traditional laser therapies or for non-laser light-based options.

Two of the most popular non-laser light treatments used in aesthetic medicine are intense-pulsed light (IPL) and broadband light (BBL).

While lasers produce a very narrow beam of coherent light, these alternatives use lights of different wavelengths that are more dispersed. As a result, they can address multiple skin concerns on a wider area of skin and within a single treatment. These therapies also tend to be gentler on the skin, making treatment more comfortable, less risky and leading to quicker recovery.

One downside is that due to their gentler nature, traditional IPL and BBL require more treatment sessions than typical laser treatments. Another downside is that these treatments are not suitable for darker skin due to its propensity to over-absorb these forms of light. Laser light technology, on the other hand, has now advanced and become more inclusive.

Besides that, some skin conditions seem to respond better to IPL and BBL than laser. This is why your provider may recommend them to you in the first place.

Two Non-Laser Treatments to Consider

When it comes to non-laser options, there are two groundbreaking technologies worth considering. These are advanced versions of BBL and IPL therapies, offering greater efficiency compared to their predecessors.

1) Sciton’s BBL® HERO™

As a leader in energy-based medical aesthetics, Sciton has developed some of the best treatments out there. Their BBL device has added high-energy rapid output (HERO) technology to this broadband light device, among other advanced features. This technology makes treatment four times quicker with three times the peak power and twice as much cooling.

According to Sciton, a single pass with this device improves the overall appearance of your skin. Your provider can also adjust the device to different wavelengths and address multiple skin concerns with additional passes.

Skin concerns we usually treat with BBL HERO include signs of aging, sagging skin, active acne, spider veins and even unwanted hair.

2) InMode’s Lumecca IPL

Most IPL treatments require multiple sessions to produce the desired effects. But that’s not the case with Lumecca IPL — just one treatment is needed for patients to notice significant improvement. This is the most powerful IPL device on the market designed to treat pigmented and vascular lesions, such as:

  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rosacea
  • Hemangiomas
  • Spider veins
  • Port wine stains

What Makes These Treatments Different?

Both Lumecca IPL and BBL HERO treatments deliver intense, broad-spectrum pulses of visible light. But that’s about where their similarities end. The light energy with these treatments is used differently and, thus, offers different results and different benefits.

How IPL Works

IPL targets pigments in the skin, specifically melanin or hemoglobin. When IPL energy reaches these pigments, they absorb the light energy and convert it into heat. The ensuing thermal damage causes pigmented lesions to die and be replaced by healthy skin.

How BBL Works

BBL is considered an advanced form of IPL. While targeting skin pigments to remove discoloration and imperfections, BBL also works to stimulate collagen production. This particular technology is better able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin where collagen is produced. As a result, the treatment can visibly rejuvenate the skin texture as a bonus.

How to Choose the Right Treatment

If you’re interested in improving your skin with light-based therapy, speaking to a qualified professional, such as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or aesthetician, can help you make an informed decision.

Like most cosmetic procedures, light-based treatments need to be tailored to a patient’s unique skin concerns and type. Some treatments work better on sensitive skin and others on darker skin tones. Some are better suited for uneven pigmentation, while there are options that work well on skin laxity and wrinkles.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Light-Based Treatments in St. Louis

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