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CoolTone® – Tone Your Body Instantly!

Achieving a beach bod to flaunt confidently is difficult for any gym-goer. Rock-hard abs and a firm butt… who doesn’t want that? Sure, crunches, planking, squats and burpees will certainly help mold and tone these parts of your body, but it can take many hours and a consistent fitness routine until you notice a difference. What’s more, life often gets in the way, preventing you from going to the gym or eating as healthy as you should, and your results can gradually go away despite all of your hard work.

At Ridenour Plastic Surgery, we know that everybody wants a body they can be proud of, and now with CoolTone®, it’s possible to sculpt your muscles without spending hours at the gym. The latest in nonsurgical body sculpting, CoolTone® is a revolutionary treatment that works by stimulating the muscle fibers in treated areas, helping you get the lean, fit contours you’ve always wanted. With proven technology backed by science, CoolTone® can create a toned appearance in even the most casual of exercisers. Are you ready to tone? To learn more about CoolTone® and how it can improve your image, please contact Ridenour Plastic Surgery at (314) 501.7685 or by visiting our contact page.

Why CoolTone®? How Does It Improve Muscle Tone?

Made by the creators of CoolSculpting®, a fat-reduction technology, CoolTone® is a successful treatment that improves muscle tone and definition, especially in problem areas that are hard to sculpt through exercise alone. In June of 2019, CoolTone® became FDA-approved to treat the buttocks, abdomen and thighs, and has gone on to become a popular alternative for those who want leaner contours, but have found that diet or exercise isn’t enough to achieve their goals.

CoolTone® works by using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), an advanced technology that causes thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions in just 30 minutes, or the equivalent of 25,000 crunches or sit-ups. At this rate, CoolTone® is stimulating muscle fibers at a higher rate than voluntary muscle contractions, with results that far exceed the average workout. The electrical currents that MMS delivers into the muscles cause the body to strengthen its muscle fibers wherever it’s performed, so you can sculpt stronger, firmer muscles and more defined contours where you need it most.

Who Makes a Good CoolTone® Candidate?

CoolTone® is an excellent treatment for anyone seeking to improve muscle tone and definition in the following areas:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Patients with less body fat will achieve more visible results, so CoolTone® is suitable for men and women who are at or near their target weight. Those with a higher BMI may require more treatments to achieve their goals, but CoolTone® is not a shortcut to weight loss. This treatment is also excellent for patients seeking to get a jumpstart on their physique before they begin a fitness routine, helping to minimize feelings of self-consciousness that can be experienced when around other gym-goers with a more defined physique. With CoolTone®, you can blend in with the crowd and workout with confidence.

Patients will need to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ridenour to ensure candidacy. Unfortunately, CoolTone® can’t be used on everyone. Patients with an active skin condition or those with a metal or electronic implant should not have a CoolTone® treatment performed in these areas.

Your CoolTone® Treatment

During your CoolTone® treatment, you’ll lay down comfortably while Dr. Ridenour will place the paddle-like applicator on either the buttocks, abdomen or thighs. Dr. Ridenour will then activate the CoolTone® device, and it’ll begin to emit magnetic energy that’ll stimulate the muscles. Since CoolTone® penetrates through skin and fatty layers with no effect, you won’t need to worry about the treatment damaging any surrounding tissues. The CoolTone® device also has varying intensity settings, so you can begin with light stimulation and gradually build to higher levels. To achieve the best results, patients are recommended to have it performed at a moderate to a high level for a sustained time.

As the magnetic energy stimulates the muscles, you’ll feel the involuntary contractions being made. This may initially feel strange, and you’ll notice a warming sensation as the muscles are continuously stimulated, but this shouldn’t be noticeable after a few minutes for a pain-free treatment. The procedure typically lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, and most patients watch TV, read or listen to music as the CoolTone® device works its magic.

Your CoolTone® Results

CoolTone® requires no downtime or recovery, and you can resume all daily activities immediately after your appointment. However, you should keep in mind that CoolTone® treatments are a lot like undergoing an intense workout. The muscles will be sore, which can potentially last for a day or two.

For some patients, results may be noticeable right away. Depending on where you had the treatment, buttocks will feel firmer, thighs will look leaner and your abs will be more defined. Although you’ll notice a difference after your first treatment, most patients need four to six CoolTone® treatments to achieve their desired results. How many sessions you’ll need will depend on how physically fit you already are, how much body fat you have and what your fitness goals are. Despite this, anyone can enjoy great results, so long as they have enough treatments performed.

CoolTone® results aren’t permanent, but it’s possible to maintain your results by going to the gym regularly and maintaining a consistent diet. As with achieving a defined physique through conventional exercise, muscle definition will gradually subside if regular exercise isn’t continued. If you’re interested, you can also preserve your CoolTone® results with subsequent sessions, usually every six months. You can also combine CoolTone® with other body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting® for a more dramatic outcome.

Time to Tone With CoolTone® at Ridenour Plastic Surgery

CoolTone® is a revolutionary body-sculpting technology that can help you safely and effectively sculpt the body you want. After achieving stunning results with CoolTone®, you can confidently show off your fit physique and flaunt a firm buttocks or rock-hard abs at the gym, beach or anywhere else. If you’re ready to tone, you’re ready for CoolTone®.

For residents of St. Louis, MO, seeking to improve their muscle tone without the hassle and embarrassment that can come with initially starting at the gym, CoolTone® at Ridenour Plastic Surgery may be right for you. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ridenour, please contact us at (314) 501.7685 or by visiting our contact page.

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