Project Description

VBeam Prima®

Vbeam Prima® is a highly efficient pulsed-dye laser (PDL) used  to treat a designed to treat over 20 conditions including but not limited to:

  • Rosacea
    • In a clinical study, rosacea symptoms were significantly reduced from moderate to mild
    • Difficult-to-treat erythema was reduced from severe to mild
    • 84% of patients had >40% rosacea improvement
    • Minimal adverse side effects reported
    • 94% of patients reported being very satisfied with results
  • Scars
    • The Vbeam Prima system with the 595 nm wavelength highly targets the vascular component of scar tissue
    • In a clinical study, all scars (100%) treated with the Vbeam PDL showed significant improvements in cosmesis
    • 80% of patients treated with Vbeam were very to extremely satisfied with their results, and 77% experienced no to moderate pain
    • Vbeam is proven for treating various vascular skin lesions5 and the cosmetic appearance of surgical scars in Fitzpatrick skin types I to IV

Cost of Treatment

Cost varies according to the size of the area treated.  Schedule your free consultation today for the most accurate pricing.

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