Published: September 6, 2022
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Have you ever wished you had higher, more prominent cheekbones? Are you bothered by your weak chin and undefined jawline? If so, chin or cheek implants can enhance your facial features to create more balanced and defined facial contours.

Your facial structure is mainly made up of the bones, muscles and fat pads in your face. The aging process, losing weight and genetics can cause deficiencies in these tissues that negatively affect the structure and harmony of your face. Aging and weight loss can lead to reduced facial fat or displaced fat deposits that results in sunken, hollow areas in the face. Genetics and hereditary factors can cause you to have insufficient bone volume that creates weak or undefined facial features.

Enhance Your Facial Structure and Balance With Facial Implants 

Facial implants are used to augment specific facial structures and produce more attractive and harmonious facial features. These implants are made from synthetic materials, typically silicone, and can be customized to the ideal size and shape for your facial contours.

At Ridenour Plastic Surgery, We Offer Two Types of Facial Implants:

  1. Chin implants
  2. Cheek implants

A chin implant would be positioned on top of your chin bone and under your muscle and soft tissues in the area. Based on your needs, cheek implants can be placed under your cheekbone (submalar cheek implants) or attached on top of your cheekbone (malar cheek implants).

Facial Implants Can Improve the Following:

If you’re interested in improving your facial contours, chin or cheek implants can address the following concerns: 

  • A receding chin
  • A cleft chin (“butt chin”)
  • A double chin
  • A weak, undefined jawline
  • Flat cheeks due to bone deficiency
  • Sunken cheeks due to weight loss
  • Sagging cheeks due to aging

A Receding Chin: Chin Implant 

A weak chin that slopes inward can dramatically affect the overall balance of your face and neck in a negative way. It can make your chin appear to blend into your neck, with a lack of defined transition between these features. 

Chin implant surgery can create a stronger, more prominent chin that aligns vertically with your lower lip. Also known as chin augmentation, this type of implant can significantly improve your receding chin and enhance your profile.

A Cleft Chin: Chin Implant 

A cleft chin is a chin with a dimple or indentation in the middle. In some cases, this dimple is deep and elongated, creating what is colloquially referred to as a “butt chin.” While a cleft chin is harmless, some people who have it are bothered by how it makes their chin look. 

A chin implant can add volume to smooth out the chin and reduce or remove this indentation, thereby eliminating any sign of a “butt chin.”  

A Double Chin: Chin Implant 

A double chin is typically caused by excess fat beneath the chin. However, if you have a small chin bone, even the smallest amount of fat beneath your chin can create the look of a dreaded double chin. 

By increasing the projection of the chin, a chin implant can produce a more slender shape in the bottom of the face. With a more elongated chin, the area below the chin and jawline can smooth out to improve the appearance of a double chin.

A Weak, Undefined Jawline: Chin Implant

When you don’t have adequate volume in your chin, your jawline can appear weak with a more rounded edge. In some cases, it can even make your lower jaw appear out of alignment with your upper jaw, especially from a profile view. 

A chin implant can improve the shape of your jawline by creating a stronger, sharper contour. For men, this more defined jawline often produces a more masculine appearance. Women who undergo chin implant surgery also benefit from a stronger, more attractive jawline that enhances their confidence.

Flat Cheeks Due to Bone Deficiency: Cheek Implants

Small cheekbones can make your face appear flat and undefined. Genetics is often the cause of flat or insufficient bone volume in the cheeks in younger patients. However, the aging process contributes to bone loss over time, causing older patients who were previously happy with their cheek size and shape to seek out cheek augmentation.

Malar cheek implants placed on top of your existing cheekbones will correct flat cheeks due to inadequate bone volume in the area. These implants can help create the fuller, more prominent cheekbones coveted by many. 

Sunken Cheeks Due to Weight Loss: Cheek Implants

While following a healthy lifestyle and slimming down has many health benefits, an unfortunate side effect of losing weight is losing fat in areas we would prefer to keep it. After significant weight loss, the cheeks may look deflated or sunken due to a loss of subcutaneous fat in this area. 

Submalar cheek implants placed beneath the cheekbones can correct deficiencies in soft tissues (such as fat) and restore fuller cheeks. This type of cheek implant surgery can add volume to the cheeks to take the place of fat that previously supported round, youthful cheeks. 

Sagging Cheeks Due to Aging: Cheek Implants

As with weight loss, aging causes us to lose fat that creates youthful plumpness beneath our skin. But aging can result in more than just fat loss; the fat can clump together and move downward. When fat deposits in the cheeks become displaced, they can hang down and result in sagging cheeks.

Submalar cheek implants can help elevate the tissues of the cheeks to address drooping. They provide a mild lift that can also improve the appearance of jowls. During this procedure, the implants are placed under the most prominent part of the cheekbone to restore the more sculpted, defined cheeks of your youth.

Learn More About the Benefits of Cheek and Chin Implants in St. Louis, MO

Cheek and chin implants offer a variety of benefits for enhancing and rejuvenating your facial contours. If you want to look more youthful or attain more defined facial features, contact us to learn more about whether these types of implants can help. 

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