Published: January 12, 2018
Category: Latest News

Recently Dr. Ridenour was asked this question by a patient.  Here is his response….

I am one of the very early adopters of Profound RF. I have been treating patients with Profound RF for two years now and the improvement seen in my patients appears to be maintained over that period of time. Overall, this leads me to believe that the results of Profound RF are long lasting. This does mean that all patients will achieve the same degree of improvement or that the results of treatment will last the same amount of time in all patients. It stands to reason that patient selection is extremelly important in the outcome of this and any medical procedure. In my experience, Profound RF works best in patients with early aging and only a modest loss in skin elasticity. It is not intended for patients with advanced inelasticity and sagging of tissues. I am not recommending any routine maintenance interval but plan to re-treat when my patients feel they might benefit.


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